Don’t forget to live. I’ll always hold your hand.


What kind of a legacy do I want to leave for my kids? Money, property, shares & other materialistic things? Or some old rules from a stiff book on how to live your life to be successful in this world?

I don’t know if my dear kids will be able to grasp the ocean of things I want to fill their minds and hearts with…but I will try my best not to overwhelm them. In a world that is sordid, treacherous & naked ambition of all sorts floating around, there is also a little good hanging around.

I want them to hug that goodness that’s around them. Little things that bring us joy, I would like them to enjoy those moments to the fullest. I want them to understand the responsibility of having to fend for themselves yet not compromise on their calling when they find it.

I want them to know that they can run to me for any sort of trouble they are in. I will give them a listening ear…but they’ll have to know that they will need to set right what they wronged in the first place. I want them to understand that in our family, we are used to making mistakes, saying sorry, learning, moving on while not forgetting to forgive.

I understand that there might be times they will hate me. It’ll only mean I’m doing my job well. I do however hope, there never be a time when the hate lasts more than a few days.

I hope when they look at me & their dad, they realise we are not just partners. We are friends, lovers, confidantes & normal mortal beings who are capable of making mistakes, just like them. We will try to be role models for them, and at certain times, if we find ourselves failing, we hope our kids will give us the time to regain the balance and set the dynamics right again.

I write this now, because I might be blinded by extreme love when I hold my baby in my arms for the first time. I hope this post will serve as a constant reminder of all the things I want to say to them.

I want them to know, come what may – I will never leave their hand. That’s the legacy I want them to carry & remember.

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