Vestigial Love


I sit stirring, my fingers

over the rim of the coffee cup.

Lost in thought, wondering

how to separate the two emotions

of love and fear.

How is it,

that both co-exist?

Where there is love,

should there be fear?

Loving deeply, sometimes

brings unknown scars.

Now, muddled emotions lie

in front of me,

in the form of a crusted slice.

I take a bite,

and invite the dusk and dust.

The past is the bygone

yet, it lugs along jubiliantly

in the form of baggage.

I try to move on, but

find it difficult to know

that someone else owned your being.

It was once,

then why does it bother me now?

I see that you’ve immortalised,

the ‘many’ from history

in your work of art.

What then, my heart wonders,

is the difference in them and me?

While you paint us all on the same canvas,

I suffer with indignity.

Is this why, I waited

with bated breath?

I haven’t the courage,

to tap-dance around

the thin veil of inhibitions.

My soul lusts for more,

my heart beats for fidelity.

In thoughts, reasons,

actions and memories.

My silence will speak

more than often,

if you have the will to hear.

My eyes will be the mirror

to my soul,

if you would so want to love it.

Brevity awakens me,

to count on my fingers,

the few good years I wish for.

Be part of it, if you must

but I request you,

murder not, my notion of love.

My head spins,

with the chaos that “we” bring.

Release my burning clone,

right this moment, from the clutches

of the ghosts of the past.

For, my sacred thought of us,

will otherwise turn into ashes –

never to be gathered.

3 thoughts on “Vestigial Love

  1. The phrase ‘vestigial lover’ popped into my thoughts today and when I searched for it to see where it may lead I found your poem. May I ask what vestigial love means to you?


  2. Hi…I was writing from a personal perspective and experience in this poem, hence for me the term Vestigial Love means remnants of a love that used to be…something that rears it’s head in the present, once in a while. Hope this helps you understand 🙂


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