Ringing in a new chapter :)

It’s new year’s eve and however hard I’ve tried not to think much about the year gone by, seeing the other enthusiasts’ posts about the same, somewhat forced my reminiscence to get into the active mode.

2014 – a year filled with memories of various kinds. Experiences – new and bitter, activities which cannot be tagged as anything less than crazy, new friendships which have been fulfilling so far and above all, LOVE: in its purest form.

When my grandparents were around, my new year evenings would mean me staring at my phone waiting for that familiar number to appear on the screen just 5 minutes before the clock struck 12. I would then hear my grandparents excited voices, like those of children, eagerly wishing me all the love and happiness in the world and ask me about my mundane life and when I would visit them next. Most of my previous new year’s eves have been spent with family, home made food and a glass of champagne and a movie that all of us watched together. I would bake the cake and at 12, my sister would do the honour of cutting and serving the pieces to everyone.

With my grandparents gone and me living alone now, I miss having those familiar faces around at this time of the year. I have new faces around me now, which have have become familiar and very comforting.

Reflections and learnings: (a) My mom kicked cancer’s butt and i think for the first time in months, i heaved a huge sigh of relief. All my dormant fears were put to rest with this great news. (b) I adopted my first pet, a cat. Not that I had the intention of keeping it when I got it home. It was supposed to be a foster. And i turned out to be a failed foster parent. Probably the best thing that happened to me. I did the same thing 2 times after that and ended up with 3 cats. (c) I fell in love. And i fell in love hard. Totally unexpected. The first thing that struck me when this happened was a quote I had read long ago – “God proved his sense of humor when he matched you and me together. He also proved he’s a genius.” I cannot thank god enough. (d) I lost Mau, my first cat to a freak accident. His loss shattered me and changed my life in many ways. (e) Quit my job to take a break and figure out what next. The break has been great so far…what next is still a big question mark!

Overall, I can say i’ve grown a little more as a person and hope I’ve been able to make a difference in this world in my own small way.

Here’s bidding goodbye to 2014 with a tight hug and a big squish.

2015 – May you ebb and flow with good things!!

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