You & Me

Let’s lie down and stare at the blank sky
and wait for it to be filled,
with a constellation of stars.

That moment will be ours alone. Because we saw it happen. Together.

Let’s go back in time
and recreate, step by step,
that night under the moon

When I saw the dimple in your cheek. And you saw the smile in my eyes. And we were in love..with each other.

We’ve lived in denial
we’ve tried life sans the other
Who are we fooling?

Completion personified, we are all that there is, to know about love.

I’ve heard and read about many great loves
and have been in their drunken stupor,
waiting to become one of those stories.

But you and me, my love, laugh and cry, and make the most of what we get with, and in each other.

What better story, and what greater love can exist beyond us?


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