The Moment.

After 2 years of being together and a lot of pestering, she convinced him to cook for her. He planned the event a few days in advance, going over the recipes a few times and ensuring all the ingredients were available. She was, in fact surprised, that he didn’t make an excel sheet out of the whole thing.

He was fussy about how he wanted things to be in the kitchen, so she steered clear of the area when he initiated the process. After a few hours, he prepared the table for the feast and asked her to join him. There was rice, his mother’s recipe for a traditional curry, poppadum, fish-fry (for himself) & raw mango chutney. She quickly sat down, eager to fill her tummy.

After he served her, as she was taking the first morsel, he looked at her with a childlike curiosity, and posed his question – “So?”

“It’s very nice!”. He grinned widely and heaved a sigh of relief. She didn’t tell him that there could have been more salt in the curry or that the coconut needed to be more finely ground. Knowing the efforts he had put in, to prepare this for her, made it all the more tasty. They ate sumptuously, mostly in silence, because they were both so hungry that their mouths would open only to allow more food in.

Later in the evening, while both of them were still recovering from the food coma, and she was reading a book and he was watching Netflix, he tapped on her shoulder and said “Red chilly powder is almost over…we’ll need to replenish the bottle”, in a very matter of fact tone. She smiled at him and chuckled a little. He looked confused at the reaction. “What happened?”…she ruffled his hair and said “nothing”.

He went back to watching Netflix, still confused. She went back to reading her book, thinking, this was one of the first, cute domestic life moments they had shared, and this was just the beginning 🙂





Until we meet again..

Ginger RB (April 10 – May 9, 2016)

Until we meet again is a way to bid farewell, but still, it does not make the end of this chapter of my life any easier. What does that mean really? Does it really mean I’ll be able to see you again in some other form or in after life?

There’s not a second or a minute that goes by that I don’t miss you. My little heart hurts & breaks in your memory. I still have your smell on me. I can still hear your little yelps. I still feel like you’re around and that I need to check on you every few minutes, as per habit. I get up to do so & then I’m forced to remind myself that it’s been 4 days since you passed over to the rainbow bridge.

I’m looking for a sign that’ll tell me it wasn’t meant to be. That you are in a better place now. I hope you’ll send me one soon little one. If you can sense me, pls know that you are forever loved & that you filled my days with hope & joy. And I hope I was able to give you all that a mother could.

So here’s me saying & hoping – Until we meet again my love.

An ode to the image in my thoughts….

Just before the dawn breaks
with the chin held high &
a stride full of pride
he walks towards the sea shore
expecting answers to a lot of his doubts
thinking the waves might,
provide him with them in bouts.
A frown forming on the face he quickens his pace The sky starts taking colour by the time he is there He spreads his arms at the sea wondering if it'd take him where, he can heave a sigh of relief making stronger his belief, that the world is incapable of understanding what he does That no one thinks as differently as him and thus the fuss.
He starts walking slowly from one end of the shore so vast, allowing his mind to wander somewhere in the past. "was i right or was i not?... or is it just a vague thought?" engulfing the chirping of the birds with questions such, he smiles at the reminiscence but not too much.
When his feet touch a shell in the clay he thinks he's already walked a long way But when he turns to realise he is somewhere in the middle, he shakes his head saying-"life's such a riddle".
Just when he starts to walk again loud rings the alarm for his day to begin. He wakes up amazed as the dream seemed to be so real it left him in a daze coz it was simply surreal.
Walking towards the entrance to open the door he wished the dream was prolonged, just a little more... Sad that he woke up just when he was close to solving the riddle, restlessly with the things around he begins to fiddle.
Telling himself that he is different from all in the woods where he'd next be in his dream, he'd let this thought befall. In this wonderland for sure, he promises himself that the dream will prolong for just a little more.