Until we meet again..

Ginger RB (April 10 – May 9, 2016)

Until we meet again is a way to bid farewell, but still, it does not make the end of this chapter of my life any easier. What does that mean really? Does it really mean I’ll be able to see you again in some other form or in after life?

There’s not a second or a minute that goes by that I don’t miss you. My little heart hurts & breaks in your memory. I still have your smell on me. I can still hear your little yelps. I still feel like you’re around and that I need to check on you every few minutes, as per habit. I get up to do so & then I’m forced to remind myself that it’s been 4 days since you passed over to the rainbow bridge.

I’m looking for a sign that’ll tell me it wasn’t meant to be. That you are in a better place now. I hope you’ll send me one soon little one. If you can sense me, pls know that you are forever loved & that you filled my days with hope & joy. And I hope I was able to give you all that a mother could.

So here’s me saying & hoping – Until we meet again my love.