Owning each other’s madness.

I met a very kind couple today when I was visiting my vet. The couple had come in with a mamma rabbit & her one month old baby boy. Here are a few things I found endearing about them:

1. Both the rabbits were rescues. There were 4 more babies who perished, but this couple was able to save one of them.

2. The husband claimed not to be an animal person, and yet here he was, holding on to the little rabbit baby, accompanying his wife to the clinic, all because she was tensed. He was dressed to go to office, & decided to forego that, to prioritise the well-being of 2 little lives.

3. They found out today that the mamma rabbit was pregnant again, something that they weren’t prepared for. Yet, they are putting in their time, efforts & care to ensure she is taken care of.

4. Their biggest worry in this phase of demonetisation is how to find enough change to give to their vegetable vendor, to be able to buy the rabbits’ favourite vegetables, on a daily basis.

5. Just before they were about to leave the clinic, the baby rabbit peed on the husband. While the husband was looking for a cloth to clean his t-shirt, the wife’s first reaction was to clean the baby rabbit’s box. And the husband took it lightly as well.

Even though the husband kept saying he isn’t an animal person, he was the one cuddling with, & caring for the rabbits while his wife was busy taking medical advise. We also got to know that he is now the first one to tear up when something happens to any of the pets that his wife keeps bringing home, much to even his wife’s surprise.

It is difficult to find a decent partner. It is even more difficult to find someone who not only accepts your love for other beings, but gives in to embrace it as well. To all those people who have given in to their partner’s madness & knowingly or unknowingly, happen to own some bit of it now, you are truly wonderful! 😊

Here’s a pic of the baby rabbit, named Baby Boo, peeking out of his make shift carry box. Let him make your evening ❤️


The Moment.

After 2 years of being together and a lot of pestering, she convinced him to cook for her. He planned the event a few days in advance, going over the recipes a few times and ensuring all the ingredients were available. She was, in fact surprised, that he didn’t make an excel sheet out of the whole thing.

He was fussy about how he wanted things to be in the kitchen, so she steered clear of the area when he initiated the process. After a few hours, he prepared the table for the feast and asked her to join him. There was rice, his mother’s recipe for a traditional curry, poppadum, fish-fry (for himself) & raw mango chutney. She quickly sat down, eager to fill her tummy.

After he served her, as she was taking the first morsel, he looked at her with a childlike curiosity, and posed his question – “So?”

“It’s very nice!”. He grinned widely and heaved a sigh of relief. She didn’t tell him that there could have been more salt in the curry or that the coconut needed to be more finely ground. Knowing the efforts he had put in, to prepare this for her, made it all the more tasty. They ate sumptuously, mostly in silence, because they were both so hungry that their mouths would open only to allow more food in.

Later in the evening, while both of them were still recovering from the food coma, and she was reading a book and he was watching Netflix, he tapped on her shoulder and said “Red chilly powder is almost over…we’ll need to replenish the bottle”, in a very matter of fact tone. She smiled at him and chuckled a little. He looked confused at the reaction. “What happened?”…she ruffled his hair and said “nothing”.

He went back to watching Netflix, still confused. She went back to reading her book, thinking, this was one of the first, cute domestic life moments they had shared, and this was just the beginning 🙂




You & Me


Let’s lie down and stare at the blank sky
and wait for it to be filled,
with a constellation of stars.

That moment will be ours alone. Because we saw it happen. Together.

Let’s go back in time
and recreate, step by step,
that night under the moon

When I saw the dimple in your cheek. And you saw the smile in my eyes. And we were in love..with each other.

We’ve lived in denial
we’ve tried life sans the other
Who are we fooling?

Completion personified, we are all that there is, to know about love.

I’ve heard and read about many great loves
and have been in their drunken stupor,
waiting to become one of those stories.

But you and me, my love, laugh and cry, and make the most of what we get with, and in each other.

What better story, and what greater love can exist beyond us?

Vestigial Love


I sit stirring, my fingers

over the rim of the coffee cup.

Lost in thought, wondering

how to separate the two emotions

of love and fear.

How is it,

that both co-exist?

Where there is love,

should there be fear?

Loving deeply, sometimes

brings unknown scars.

Now, muddled emotions lie

in front of me,

in the form of a crusted slice.

I take a bite,

and invite the dusk and dust.

The past is the bygone

yet, it lugs along jubiliantly

in the form of baggage.

I try to move on, but

find it difficult to know

that someone else owned your being.

It was once,

then why does it bother me now?

I see that you’ve immortalised,

the ‘many’ from history

in your work of art.

What then, my heart wonders,

is the difference in them and me?

While you paint us all on the same canvas,

I suffer with indignity.

Is this why, I waited

with bated breath?

I haven’t the courage,

to tap-dance around

the thin veil of inhibitions.

My soul lusts for more,

my heart beats for fidelity.

In thoughts, reasons,

actions and memories.

My silence will speak

more than often,

if you have the will to hear.

My eyes will be the mirror

to my soul,

if you would so want to love it.

Brevity awakens me,

to count on my fingers,

the few good years I wish for.

Be part of it, if you must

but I request you,

murder not, my notion of love.

My head spins,

with the chaos that “we” bring.

Release my burning clone,

right this moment, from the clutches

of the ghosts of the past.

For, my sacred thought of us,

will otherwise turn into ashes –

never to be gathered.