The waft

“Tell me more about you” he said.

“Like what?” she asked, adjusting the sheet around her body.

“Like…are you the kind of woman who….” his voice trails off as he sees her reaching for a cigarette, kept on the night stand next to her bed.

“The kind of woman who…what?”

“The kind who smokes after sex?” he finishes.

“I’m the kind who smokes whenever. And the kind who’ll be whatever you want me to be, as long as you’re not a nutcase!” she smiles while taking a drag.

His eyes rest on her face for a minute, taking into account every little detail of that irresistible face and deadly smile.

“In that case how about you give me half of that death wish you’re puffing away?” he asks.

She never touched a cigarette after that day.


An ode to the image in my thoughts….

Just before the dawn breaks
with the chin held high &
a stride full of pride
he walks towards the sea shore
expecting answers to a lot of his doubts
thinking the waves might,
provide him with them in bouts.
A frown forming on the face he quickens his pace The sky starts taking colour by the time he is there He spreads his arms at the sea wondering if it'd take him where, he can heave a sigh of relief making stronger his belief, that the world is incapable of understanding what he does That no one thinks as differently as him and thus the fuss.
He starts walking slowly from one end of the shore so vast, allowing his mind to wander somewhere in the past. "was i right or was i not?... or is it just a vague thought?" engulfing the chirping of the birds with questions such, he smiles at the reminiscence but not too much.
When his feet touch a shell in the clay he thinks he's already walked a long way But when he turns to realise he is somewhere in the middle, he shakes his head saying-"life's such a riddle".
Just when he starts to walk again loud rings the alarm for his day to begin. He wakes up amazed as the dream seemed to be so real it left him in a daze coz it was simply surreal.
Walking towards the entrance to open the door he wished the dream was prolonged, just a little more... Sad that he woke up just when he was close to solving the riddle, restlessly with the things around he begins to fiddle.
Telling himself that he is different from all in the woods where he'd next be in his dream, he'd let this thought befall. In this wonderland for sure, he promises himself that the dream will prolong for just a little more.