The Moment.

After 2 years of being together and a lot of pestering, she convinced him to cook for her. He planned the event a few days in advance, going over the recipes a few times and ensuring all the ingredients were available. She was, in fact surprised, that he didn’t make an excel sheet out of the whole thing.

He was fussy about how he wanted things to be in the kitchen, so she steered clear of the area when he initiated the process. After a few hours, he prepared the table for the feast and asked her to join him. There was rice, his mother’s recipe for a traditional curry, poppadum, fish-fry (for himself) & raw mango chutney. She quickly sat down, eager to fill her tummy.

After he served her, as she was taking the first morsel, he looked at her with a childlike curiosity, and posed his question – “So?”

“It’s very nice!”. He grinned widely and heaved a sigh of relief. She didn’t tell him that there could have been more salt in the curry or that the coconut needed to be more finely ground. Knowing the efforts he had put in, to prepare this for her, made it all the more tasty. They ate sumptuously, mostly in silence, because they were both so hungry that their mouths would open only to allow more food in.

Later in the evening, while both of them were still recovering from the food coma, and she was reading a book and he was watching Netflix, he tapped on her shoulder and said “Red chilly powder is almost over…we’ll need to replenish the bottle”, in a very matter of fact tone. She smiled at him and chuckled a little. He looked confused at the reaction. “What happened?”…she ruffled his hair and said “nothing”.

He went back to watching Netflix, still confused. She went back to reading her book, thinking, this was one of the first, cute domestic life moments they had shared, and this was just the beginning 🙂






“So, what have you decided?”; “Do you realise you maybe losing opportunities because you aren’t even looking at them?”; “There are so many youngsters like you who are earning a lot of money, and they are as qualified as you.”; “I expect you to shine, and be a successful career woman.”; “You’re wasting your talent.”

This is where I am, almost 2 months after having quit my last job. How do I explain to anyone who asks, that while I do get worried about what kind of a role I would get next, in the corporate world, I do wish I could get voyeuristic glimpses into the future. I would like to know if the future brings my passions & longings together. Or would I get a job which will turn me into a erudite, rational and driven, but a frustrated individual.

While my mind talks logic, my heart sometimes gets scared of getting stuck in the rat race. I haven’t done it for too long, but 5 years is good enough to give one an idea of how the regular competition looks like. Why did I quit? Coz something inside me felt incomplete. It felt like something Jodi Picoult had once written: “What was wrong with me? I had a decent life. I was healthy. I wasn’t starving or maimed by a land mine or orphaned. Yet somehow, it wasn’t enough. I had a hole in me, and everything I took for granted slipped through it like sand.

I felt like I had swallowed yeast, like whatever evil was festering inside me had doubled in size.”

The things my being longs to do may not be something that will guarantee the lifestyle I’ve had for the last few years. But they are definitely something that will quench my soul’s thirst. (a) Caring for animals and being able to do something for them. Is it so difficult to understand that every life is important? And what is a greater deed than saving another life whether or not it is human. (b) being able to write and through it experience the deepest human emotions. The joys, the turmoils, the fears, the hopes….write about them and help others learn and unlearn things they might be looking for, but are unaware of.

Sometimes I feel like i’m falling apart due to the chaos in my head. But then again, the reasons of the heart do not match up to the realities of life. The more I resist, the more formidable the struggle between my heart and my mind becomes. I’m hoping that time will unravel what I’m meant to be doing and that life gives me the chance to step foot outside this zone and experience and fulfil what my heart longs for.

Until then, I’ll let Stevie Wonder’s song fill my senses while I try to chase the opportunities that knock on my door.